Eva Juncker: Testimonials

"Eva is sharp, talented, dedicated, experienced and cares about her clients. I have referred Eva to perhaps two dozen clients and friends, and everyone has been pleased with her representation." - James E. McNair

"Watching Michele and Eva litigate our case was like watching 2 professional dancers in action. They were prepared, calm and strong and very in touch with each other. They play to each other's strengths. Leading up to the trial they asked a lot of questions and considered many approaches and options. They also answered a lot of questions and always did so almost immediately. Things changed quickly and they adapted quickly every single time." - David

"In May, I awoke to the dreaded phone call that no Mother ever wants to receive. My "son" had committed suicide. From that point on, my world was re-arranged. With all of the emotions and the questions, my family and I had to collect our thoughts, move forward, and try to sort out all that we were being faced with at an alarming rate of speed. My 26 year-old son was not my biological son, but a foster child that I had helped to raise since the age of 14. He called me Mama and trusted that I would protect him as my child.

Two days after his death, we encountered major problems in dealing with this suicide. We were referred to the Zavos Juncker Law Group and quickly made a call that helped us to settle the storm in our lives. Michele Zavos called me immediately and let me know that even though she was scheduled to leave on vacation, she would make sure that our case was handled in our best interest by assigning Eva Juncker and an Associate to counsel us. I had no idea what was to follow, but these two professionals were nothing short of amazing.

We entered into a fight with the "natural" family who had had nothing to do with "my" child for the past 12 years. My son's last will had been written and left no doubt as to whom he wanted to handle his affairs. However, his biological family challenged my son's wishes. Enter the bulldogs. A long battle with the biological family ensued in order for us to fulfill my son's wishes for his final resting place. We finally went to court with Eva Juncker, a member of the Washington, D.C bar. Ms. Juncker was the consummate professional in court. Her presentation was phenomenal as it was evident that she had prepared and was well studied in our case. She handled the court appearance with impeccable organization and professionalism. Her calming manner as well as her stalwart conviction towards our case was comforting for our family. We had put our trust in a group of people who lived four states away but had taken the time to get to know us personally and had put every effort into winning this case.

This trial made precedence history as we won the case and my son was peacefully laid to rest in the way that he requested. We continue to deal with the loss of a child, but we also have learned a great deal about people. We have learned about the compassion of strangers, the response of good people and of bad. We learned that good deeds do not go undone and that there are people in this world that are there to help you when you need them. The Zavos Juncker Group fits into all of the above categories. I would highly recommend the Zavos Juncker Law Group to anyone. They masterfully helped to bring order back to our lives." - B.G.