Lynette Kleiza: Client Testimonials

"Lynette is a fighter. Before she took over my divorce case, I was losing money and it looked like I was gonna lose the case. But, not only did she help me win property and custody, but she also did it in a way that is cost-effective for me. She is very knowledgeable - so much so that she corrected the judge on many occasions.
She also sincerely wants to help and I thank her always for that! I would absolutely recommend her for anyone who needs a lawyer!"

"Ms. Kleiza represented me on a family law matter where the jurisdiction was contested. Her proactive communication with me, preparation, courtroom presence, and performance during the hearing, gave me confidence and reduced my worry during a very anxious time for me. In winning my motion for dismissal of the case, Ms. Kleiza proved a talented litigator that is experienced in the courtroom. I recommend her without hesitation to anyone in northern Virginia who needs a zealous advocate to handle their contested divorce."

"Lynette represented me in my family law matters and divorce matters. I would like to commend Lynette on her tradecraft and professionalism. Lynette was very instrumental in keeping a clear perspective on matters involving custody, even when dealing with the opposing party’s irrational claims and actions. Her clear head allowed us to maintain course on resolution, ultimately settling the custody and property matters short of litigation. Lynette was instrumental in the constructing of clear and effective settlement materials and showed her skill set in negotiation and cross counsel communications. However, the most valuable aspect for me was the expectation management and advice in how to respond to issues from the opposing party and her counsel. When I had questions or issues relating to the separation/divorce I knew that I had a trusted advisor I could rely on to help me make clear cut decisions. This support base and decision-making allowed for the most expeditious conclusion for divorce as was possible. Lynette’s dedication ensured the settlement was in my best interest and supported our overall end states. I have much respect for Lynette and it is very clear she takes her profession seriously. The time and attention she devoted to my case exceed my expectations. Lynette was always reachable via multiple communication means. I found her rate both fair and reasonable, and worth every penny..."